Sweatshirts & Hoodies

Branded/USA Sweatshirt Premium Big Logo £20
Branded/USA Sweatshirt Basic Big Logo £18
Branded/USA Sweatshirt Premium Small Logo £15
Branded/USA Sweatshirt Basic Small Logo £12
Branded/USA Modern Sweatshirt £10
80's Sweatshirt Premium Logo £8
80's Sweatshirt Basic Logo £6



Branded Fleece Premium Big Logo £18
Branded Fleece Basic Big Logo £16
Branded Fleece Premium Small Logo £13
Branded Fleece Basic Small Logo £11
TNF Denali Fleece £15
Crazy Fleece £10
Patagonia Fleece T-Snap £25 +
Patagonia Fleece Other £18 +


T-Shirts & Shirts

Branded Polo/T-Shirt Premium Logo £8 +
Branded Polo/T-Shirt Basic Logo £6
Graphic T-Shirt Premium Logo £10 +
Graphic T-Shirt Basic Logo £5
Branded Shirt Premium Logo/Pattern £10 +
Branded Shirt Basic Logo/Pattern £6
Pro Sport Jersey £12
Harley T-Shirt Vintage £14
Harley T-Shirt Modern £12
Unbranded Cord Shirt £5
Flannel Shirt £5


Trousers & Shorts

Carhartt/Dickies Trousers 34” - £14
Carhartt/Dickies Trousers 35” + £12.5
Carhartt Double Knee £25
Carhartt/Dickies Shorts 34” - £12
Carhartt/Dickies Shorts 35” + £10
Tommy/Ralph/Calvin Jeans Basic £10
Tommy/Ralph/Calvin Jeans Best £14
True Religion Jeans £20 - 25
Premium Brand Jeans £20 +
Levi 501 £12
Levi Mix Code £8
Lee/Wrangler Jeans £6
Carhartt Dungarees £25
Dickies Dungarees £20
Unbranded Dungarees £10
Unbranded Cargo Trousers £10



Branded Windbreaker Jacket Premium Vintage Logo £18
Branded Windbreaker Jacket Premium Logo £15
Branded Windbreaker Jacket Basic Logo £12
Branded Midweight Jacket Premium Vintage Logo £20
Branded Midweight Jacket Premium Logo £18
Branded Midweight Jacket Basic Logo £14
Branded Puffer Jacket Premium Logo £20 +
Branded Puffer Jacket Basic Logo £15
Carhartt Original Jacket £25 +
Dickies Jacket £25
Ralph Lauren Harrington £25
Tommy Hilfiger Harrington £20
Pro Sport Heavy Jacket £30
Pro Sport Varsity Jacket £26
Pro Sport Pullover £22
Pro Sport Full Zip £18
Varsity Jacket Vintage Embroidered £28
Varsity Jacket Basic £20
Unbranded Workwear Jacket £15
Leather Jacket £20 - 25
Leather Flying Jacket £20
Leather Flying Jacket with Fur £25
Suede Jacket £15 +



Branded Knitwear Big Logo £15
Branded Knitwear Small Logo £10
Ralph Lauren ¼ Zip £15
Coogi Style £15+
Mexican Baja Knit £6


Reworked Items 

Reworked Branded Sweatshirt Big Logo £15
Reworked Branded Sweatshirt Small Logo £12
Reworked Burberry Scarf Jacket £25
Reworked Football Scarf Jacket £20
Reworked Cotton Joggers £10
Reworked Branded Corset £10
Reworked Carhartt Bum Bag £10
Reworked Branded Bum Bag £10


Premium Items 

Burberry Scarf £22
NASCAR/Racing Jackets £40 +
CP Company/Stone Island Jacket £60 +
Canada Goose Jackets £100 +
Moncler Jacket £60 +
Arc’teryx Jacket £80 +
TNF Puffer 700/800/900 £45 +
Avirex Leather Jacket £80 +


Handpick Requirements: 

  • Each handpicking appointment has a minimum spend of £500 exc. VAT. 
  • If you spend less you risk losing the ability to handpick with us again.
  • Video handpick appointments exclude shipping costs, which will be calculated and added to your total at a competitive price.

Stock Requirements:

  • Customers must select items from 3 categories.
  • For every Big Logo Branded Sweatshirt selected, customers must select one Small Logo Branded Sweatshirt, in order to maintain large quantities of premium stock for everyone else.
  • For every pair of Trousers waist size 34” and under selected, customers must select one pair of Trousers size 35” and above, in order to maintain large quantities of  premium stock for everyone else.
  • Customers who spend over £1000 (exc. VAT) on regular handpick items will be able to handpick a few Premium Items from designers such as Stone Island, Canada Goose, Moncler, etc.
  • Customers who spend over £3000 (exc. VAT) on regular handpick items will be able to handpick unlimited Premium Items from designers such as Stone Island, Canada Goose, Moncler, etc. 
  • Stock requirements ensure all our customers get access to a handpick that is full of top quality stock, no matter when they come to see us! Leaving behind all the items with small logos or waist sizes over 35” does not serve the sustainable fashion industry, others or yourself. 

Handpick Terms & Conditions:

  • All handpicked stock is non-refundable. Everything will be chosen by you, the customer, and any defects should be noted and accepted at the time of purchase. Anything missed during a video handpick is the responsibility of the customer as our staff will always endeavour to quality check all products during your session upon request.
  • CCTV will be in operation in the warehouse during the handpicking appointment
  • Photos may be taken for promotional purposes on our social media channels, website, or other marketing materials during the handpicking appointment. By booking an appointment you consent to having photos taken during your visit. We respect your privacy and will ensure that these images are used tastefully and with your consent. If you have any concerns or do not wish to have your photo taken, please let us know in advance, and we'll be happy to accommodate your request.